With Amicus integrated billing enabled, you can create bills, receive payments, and manage trust and general retainer on files. You can perform most of these functions from the Billing module or from the Billing or Trust view of a file.

The Billing module and functions are available to the Amicus administrator, and the Billing Users and Supervisors. Time entries and expenses, however, may be created by any user, even if billing is not enabled.


        Create a draft bill

        Create an invoice and finalize a bill

        Finalize a Draft Bill

        Batch billing - Create multiple draft/final bills

        Batch billing - Finalize draft bills, create invoices

        View your bills and payments (includes WIP files/clients list)

        Enter a payment on invoices

        Payment Request

        Add general retainer funds

        Write off invoices fully or partially

        Send late payment reminders (Collection Assistant) (to send late payment reminders)

        Enable integrated billing for the firm

        Customize billing features

        Set retainer replenishment amounts on bills

        Refunding the balance of the Retainer

        Set opening balances

        APX (Abacus Payment Exchange)


QuickBooks Link

        Billing - QuickBooks Desktop Link

        Billing - QuickBooks Online Link


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