Overview of APX (Abacus Payment Exchange)

Abacus Payment Exchange (APX) is a payment solution that uses a single platform to process accounts and bill clients so you get paid the same day. With APX, there are no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

There is a $1 fee for an eCheck which is a payment made directly from your bank account or ACH payments which are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network of your financial institution.

Only a 3% flat fee is charged for Credit Card transactions, and that fee is deducted from the operating account to ensure trust account balances stay accurate. APX accepts most payment options including MasterCard, Visa, E-Checks, ACH, American Express, and Discover.


Learn by video - Setting Up APX

This topic covers:

        Accept Credit Cards

        Set up APX

        Check APX status

        Add Trust Accounts

        Make a Payment

        Manage Credit Cards/ACH for Contacts

        Edit existing Credit Cards/ACH payment methods

        APX Reporting

        Make APX Trust Receipts

        Void and Refund an APX transaction

        Reversing an APX payment

        Chargeback Report for APX

        APX Recurring Payments

Amicus Cloud (January 2023)