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Set up APX

[For Administrators Only]

1.     Choose Options to display the Options - Firm Setup window, select Billing from the left pane to display the Options - Billing window, click Configure APX under the Credit Card Processing section.

2.     The Abacus Payment Exchange window appears:

        Click the Learn More/Apply Now link.

3.     The APX Registration window appears:

        Click the Get Started button and then follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for APX.

        Some fields will already be populated based on your Firm Information in Amicus Cloud

Note:   You can take a break at any time during the registration process as the information you entered is saved.

You will be asked for basic firm details, personal information, an operating account (and optionally trust account) details as part of the wizard.

Generally this should be completed by someone with signing authority on the firm bank accounts as you will be asked some questions to verify your identity.

        Add Trust Accounts

        Manage Credit Cards/ACH for Contacts

        Edit existing Credit Cards/ACH payment methods


Amicus Cloud (January 2023)