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APX Reporting

The Credit Card & ACH Billing Statement report lets you track any fees associated with your APX transactions. The report shows only successful transactions (payments and trust deposits) and does not include any rejected ones.

Generating the Report

1.     Go to Tools and select Reports > Billing to display the following screen:

        Select Credit Card & ACH Billing Statement from the list of reports. The following message appears on the right hand side of the screen:

o        This report shows Abacus Payment Exchange transactions along with any associated fees. You will be prompted to select the format and date range.

2.     Running the report displays the following Select Parameters screen:


        Complete the following fields:

o        From: Use the calendar control to select a date

o        To: Use the calendar control to select a date

o        Format: Select either Summary or Detailed from the dropdown menu

o        Sort Options: Select one of the following options from the dropdown menu

o        Standard

o        Card Type

o        Deposit Account

3.     Click OK to preview the report.

        Click Save to PDF to retain a copy

4.     Click Close to complete the process.

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