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Add Trust Accounts

[For Administrators Only]

If you did not add a trust account during your initial onboarding, you can add a Trust Account at any time.

1.     Select Options > Billing and click Configure APX under the Credit Card Processing heading to view information regarding your APX Account.

o        The current status is displayed in the shaded box with an Add Trust Account link.

2.     Click the Add Trust Account to start a mini wizard.

o        Enter trust account details and click Submit

3.     Click Submit to display the following message:

"Trust Account application in progress and may take up to two business days. Please check back later. Contact us at 888-633-9668 if you have any questions."

4.     Once the underwriting is complete, clicking Configure APX under the Credit Card Processing heading would display the following prompt:
"A new trust account has been created in Amicus Cloud to reflect the details as entered in APX."

5.     Click OK to close the prompt and the active APX account information is displayed without the Add Trust Account link.


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