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Make a Payment

Learn by video - Making an APX Payment


If your Firm Administrator has not already set up APX go to Set up APX.

To make a payment:

1.     Click Files in the main menu to display the Files module.

2.     Double-click on a file to open it and click the Billing tab at the top of the file.


3.     Click the down arrow beside the New button in the sidebar menu to display a pull-down menu.

4.     Select Payment to display the Payment dialog box and complete the fields

o        Most of the fields are populated with information retrieved from the primary client contact card.

o        To edit this information enter text or select an option from the drop down menus.

o        Enter your payment in the Amount field. The main window populates.

5.     If your firm is not  set up to receive APX payments, Accept Credit Cards displays in the footer.

        Clicking on this item prompts you to have your Administrator sign up for APX by taking them to the APX Registration window where they can begin the on-boarding process.

o        If your firm is still in its Trial period you are prompted to subscribe first.


6.     If a firm is set up to receive APX payments Show in Portal displays in the footer.

7.     Click Save & Close at the bottom to proceed.

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